Rachel Dallaire: My Future in Graphic Design

©Rachel Dallaire Self Portrait

Who Am I

Hello! My name is Rachel Dallaire. I am a third-year graphic design student at John Abbott College and I am an extremely social person who expresses her love for art digitally.


I am detail oriented, responsible, charismatic and have excellent people skills which is why my niche of knowledge would be directed towards marketing and graphic design for brand companies. I have always taken interest for the advertising and photography aspect behind these companies. Now that I am in the process of learning the marketing aspect as well, I hope to be involved in this section too.

Ever since I was young, I was a very visual person especially when it came to learning. This resulted in my soft spot for creative photography and advertisements.

My dream job would be to work in a brand company revolving around clothes, shoes or beauty products. I have always admired these types of companies as I have been surrounded with models for various companies. I had the opportunity to observe all the work put in before the final advertisement so after a while I started to get the hang of it. For now, this is a very general direction but I would be happy to explore any direction my path takes me.


After I finish my DEC in Graphic & Web Design, I would like to continue in university to obtain a BAC in marketing and then start my career as a graphic designer. After three years of knowledge and different perspectives I would like to finally apply the skills that I have learned. I would love to work in a branding company where I would focus more on advertisements, logos, photography and marketing. Above everything, one of my biggest goals during my career is expanding my knowledge and ideas as much as possible. I hope to gain experience and learn from my colleagues in. Come take a look at my portfolio!

What You Need to Know About Photo Editing

Woman reaching out with striped lighting covering her.
Edited Photo

Photo by Liliana Pereira on Unsplash

When I started Graphic Design, I didn’t know much about Photo editing Photoshop or Lightroom, specifically editing pictures correctly. In our Photoshop class, we were taught how to photoshop large things but not edit pictures, which are two completely different things.

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